To initiate, design, and implement a career pathway training system  by establishing an on-going pipeline to meet  the near term and future employment and credential requirements within this fast emerging industry in Rhode Island.


Within the next 10 Years:

  • Its estimated that offshore wind projects will produce 1.5 Gigawatts of Power off the coast of Rhode Island and surrounding area
  • Hundreds of Offshore Wind Turbines will be built, installed, and maintained off the Atlantic Coast in the future
  • 6,000 Supply Chain Jobs are created per 100 Offshore Wind Turbines
  • An offshore wind energy turbine can generate enough electricity to meet the annual needs of over 11,000 households each year.

Local Offshore Wind Projects:

  • 400 megawatt Offshore Wind Farm with up to 50 Offshore Wind Turbines serving Rhode Island
  • 130 megawatt South Fork Wind Farm project, 30 miles off of Montauk, NY
  • 304 megawatt wind farm off the Connecticut Coast

WindWinRI Preparing to meet the demand

  • Supporting the development of educational programs for primary and secondary aged students
  • Developing post-secondary education paths
  • Supporting incumbent, underemployed, and unemployed workers